Saturday, July 30, 2011

Angry Bird Japan Tour 2011

Who would have ever thought a tour to Japan could have been so much fun!  I’d been in Tokyo every 3 years since 1984, so I’m acquainted with the city, the trains, the markets, the tourist attractions, the people etc.  These days, I’m usually content to bring along a project to work on when I wake up each morning – at 4am ( in the summer it’s already starting to get light). I didn’t really have a project to work for this trip but Miranda, Riley and Max provided me with one that was really fun to work on. 

Miranda had gotten the boys stuffed animals of the Angry Birds (and the Pigs too) because they had both been playing it incessantly.  They sent me a photo of three of the birds lined up all looking rather angry and it looked to me like an image of my family that I left behind. They were all angry at me for leaving!

When I mentioned this to them, the idea came up of posing the birds in various ways and taking photos or videos of them.Then they would send those images on to me and I’d put them together making up some story. The ideas kept flashing back and forth across the ocean! All three were filled with ideas but Riley was especially creative and took a lead role in the filming.We produced 4 short videos, now strung together. It was a great way to stay attached to everyone while being 10,000 miles away.

Oh, and did I mention the typhoon and the earthquake that hit Tokyo while I was there?