Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Season

The ABT MET season is about to start and Max is gearing up for several different ballets that he will be in.  But first he performed at a Shakespeare Society Event that combined readings from Mid-Summer Night's Dream and The Tempest with performances of those parts of the ballets we do.

The performance was at the Danny Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Max recreated his role of The Changeling in The Dream. He seems to have a lot of fun performing.

Here is Max warming up with Craig Salstein and Marcelo Gomes on stage before his performance.

Both boys will have piano recitals coming up in June so there will be more to come.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Snow!

Travel for the season is basically over! Tripit, the travel app, told me that I had been away over 60 days since January 25th.  No one was particularly happy about that.  I was able to see Jess and Lily in Minneapolis which was a huge bonus. 

This past week was a Spring Break for the boys.  We took a trip up to Massachusetts to see the music camp where Riley is going this summer. We stayed at Carliss and Randy’s house in Stockbridge and enjoyed that very much. We took a long hike up Monument Mountain just north of Great Barrington, MA. The day before, April 14,  it had snowed about 2 inches and there was still about an inch of snow on the ground for our hike.  When planning the trip I didn’t even think about snow. But it made for some great lighting and very good photos!

Max and Riley ran to the top of Devil’s Pulpit and the other rocky outcroppings on top of the mountain. Then they ran down!  It was all we could do to keep up with them.

On the drive up we stopped at Kent Falls State Park in Connecticut.  It was virtually empty and so we had a great time romping through the park all on our own.

Greenwood Music Camp was lovely.  It was wet from the spring melt but it’s going to be beautiful this summer for sure.  Riley explored the performance venue and the sleeping quarters. He seems very excited about it.

School starts tomorrow for both boys. They seem happy to be going back.  I’m sure they will miss iPadding in the morning and basketball in the afternoons!