About THIS Blog

This blog was formerly THE RILEY AND MAX BARKER BLOG.  Unfortunately, that blog has disappeared.  I was "self-hosting" using WordPress but after pushing a few links to "Update" WordPress, the screen went blank.  I spoke to my site host (Yahoo!) and they were as usual very helpful but it was a Wordpress problem.  WordPress help is nonexistent unless you call Help-feeds trolling help. So after several days of fretting I abandoned the idea of retrieving it.

New idea!  Let Google host it!  Most everything I do is via Google so why not switch to Blogger.   I still had almost all of the posts and photos saved on my computer!  So after several hours of constructing (compared with several weeks with WordPress, aaaauuuugggghh! WORDPRESS!) a new Riley and Max Barker blog is here.  Thank you Blogger for being so user-friendly!