Monday, October 10, 2011

Max's 7th Birthday Party

Max had his 7th birthday party on Columbus Day last week. It had an Angry Birds Theme and the main event was the water balloon slingshot-launcher that would send water balloons 40-50 yards through the air, perfect for 7-9 year old boys.  Miranda made a fantastic Angry Birds cake and the weather was fantastic, 80 and sunny. We had to “break into” the field as the Park Conservancy had not officially opened the field. Charles was worried we might get kicked out but there was no problem.

After various games we got to the slingshot. The target was a large piece of cardboard on which Riley had drawn the King Pig and various other Pigs from the Angry Birds Game and Max, Riley, Miranda and any passing friend took turns coloring in. It wasn’t easy to hit as it was so far away but Max hit it twice and was the winner of the day. It’s wonderful to see his self-confidence grow. The party went overtime by over an hour so the boys must have been having a good time. It’s going to be hard to top that next year.

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