Tuesday, August 20, 2013


While Miranda was in Australia we struggled on without her.  We entertained ourselves with various activities – some more strenuous than others!  We painted our living room and hallway, a major undertaking considering how many books and pictures have to come off the walls and shelves which took 5 days.  The boys were excellent helpers and after the first day I asked if they would like to be put on a wage as they were working so diligently.  They were very happy with that! 

One fun thing we did was take a ferry to Governors Island (on a Thursday afternoon when the island is closed) and watch the reenactment of a Civil War cannon firing.  It was very interesting and we all learned quite a bit about what went on during the Civil War, cannons, ordnance, swords, uniforms, etc.  There’s a short video of some events.

Luckily, Miranda is returning in a few days. And we're ALL glad she's coming home!

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